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Teenage!Yandere!Sebastian x Reader
Title of story: A Game of Cat and Mouse
A/N: Hey ya'll...I present to you my second one-shot! *spreads out arms flamboyantly* This is dedicated to my :iconbinxi-wonderland: ^_^ I'm still new to writing so please ignore any grammar mistakes you see ;-; Also I apologize Sebastian might be OOC but I did try to keep to his character(the non butler, evil demon one).
This story is set in an Alternative Universe in the modern there will be no fancy romantic carriage rides or Ciel...and Sebastian is a teenager. I don't own credit given to all the respectful owners! 
50 points to whichever Hogwarts house you're in if you get the references(and if you're even a Harry Potter fan) 
WARNING: This story contains gore and light sensual if you're sensitive to these things...don't read it.
Read it on Quotev here:
Read it on the Collaboration on Qu
:icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 29 4
Lady Phantomhive by GoldenLannisterLion Lady Phantomhive :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 4 11
His Symphony(Shogo Makishima x reader)
A/N: Greetings to all!
You can also read this story here on my quotev: His Symphony(Shogo Makishima x reader)
This is dedicated to my best friendy who's also the author I'm collaborating with on Quotev: Bianka
This is my first..and I mean FIRST fanfic I apologize for any errors and tacky writing skills! This took me about plus minus 3 hours to write? And damn am I tired! I tried to keep Shogo in character...but he might be OOC... 
Psycho-Pass does not belong to me...neither do belong to Makishima tho.
“I love you more than words can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty”- Shakespeare 
You sat with your lover on the couch, half-asleep in his arms, his pale almost milky fingers kept fiddling with your soft hair. Your head was on his ch
:icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 18 4
Adre: Final by GoldenLannisterLion Adre: Final :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 3 0 Adre Phantomhive: Colouring progress 3 by GoldenLannisterLion Adre Phantomhive: Colouring progress 3 :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 1 0 Adre: Colouring progress 2 by GoldenLannisterLion Adre: Colouring progress 2 :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 1 0 Adre: Colouring progress by GoldenLannisterLion Adre: Colouring progress :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 1 0 Adre: Lineart by GoldenLannisterLion Adre: Lineart :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 1 0 Adre: Sketch by GoldenLannisterLion Adre: Sketch :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 2 0 Purple Eyes by GoldenLannisterLion Purple Eyes :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 0 0 Lonesomeness by GoldenLannisterLion Lonesomeness :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 1 0 Random Anime Person by GoldenLannisterLion Random Anime Person :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 2 3 Pink and Black by GoldenLannisterLion Pink and Black :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 0 0 Pony Sketch Thingy by GoldenLannisterLion Pony Sketch Thingy :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 2 2 Le Philosophy by GoldenLannisterLion Le Philosophy :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 2 36 Fairy! :3 by GoldenLannisterLion Fairy! :3 :icongoldenlannisterlion:GoldenLannisterLion 0 0


- by IShipSebaCiel - :iconishipsebaciel:IShipSebaCiel 15 0 - by IShipSebaCiel - :iconishipsebaciel:IShipSebaCiel 18 2 - by IShipSebaCiel - :iconishipsebaciel:IShipSebaCiel 16 1
twisted kind of love. | yandere!makoto tachibana
twisted kind of love. | yandere!makoto tachibana х gn!reader
a/n: please note that this is a yandere fic. yhere will be dark themes, and possibly sensitive material. character death. you have been warned.Yandere!Makoto audio is available, I've put links in the description!
When you first met Makoto Tachibana, you knew instantly that you wanted to be with him. He was sweet, loving and friendly, and he was loved by everyone around him. Many people hold feelings for him, including you.
Which was why you were surprised when Makoto responded to your confession.
"I-I like you too, [Name]...For quite a while now." He had said, cheeks red and a bashful smile on his lips. "So I guess this means we're going out, huh?"
And that was the start of a your relationship with Makoto Tachibana. He was the loving and adorkable kind of person, just like you thought he would be. Perhaps it was the idea of being in love or perhaps you were just a naive teenager that caused you to make ha
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 663 300
Makishima Pony by ThriceTheDoubleU Makishima Pony :iconthricethedoubleu:ThriceTheDoubleU 1 0 Makishima Pony Concept by ThriceTheDoubleU Makishima Pony Concept :iconthricethedoubleu:ThriceTheDoubleU 2 3 You Gotta Share, You Gotta Care by Magicalcat You Gotta Share, You Gotta Care :iconmagicalcat:Magicalcat 6 0
Unveiled: Older! Ciel x Reader
            Ciel had told Lord Grey to be quiet then silently stared out the window. Seated next to Ciel, you occasionally look over at him trying to piece together what could have made you guilty in his eyes. ‘The only evidence brought to mind is the fact that you were reading that book about poison when he came to get you and probably saw it even though you did not mention it until later. Plus he confessed to having feelings for you that very same day, if he cares so much how can he throw you to the wolves without definitive proof? Perhaps you were set up by some outside force and that was the reason for you being kidnapped, not that Ciel knows as far as you can tell’. Venturing away from such thoughts, you look over at Lord Grey who momentarily makes eye contact with you sending a glare which you return. The man is about to say something but Sebastian whispers something to him that causes him to be silent. Nodding to
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 292 111
Suirou from Kamisama Hajimemashita by KMBKITTY Suirou from Kamisama Hajimemashita :iconkmbkitty:KMBKITTY 2 1
!Surprise Bite! Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader
Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader
Requested by
(Y/N) = Your Name.
(Y/E/C) = Your Eye Color.
Having to deal with Tsukiyama daily was a pain. One that you wished you didn’t meet. He was plain annoying to you, and you could live without him.
To a degree.
He also had some points which you thought were charming, like how he talked so passionately about food, how he would tell you which books he found interesting, and how he took so great care of his appearance. It was as if he tried to impress everyone he would get in contact with. Just with one glance at him and people would know that he had potential.
Tsukiyama could also be a very pleasant man to talk to when he wasn’t in one of his ‘I-Am-Hungry-Can-I-Eat-You?’ moments, and you two could talk for hours about nearly everything.
But let’s get back at the story at hand.
The street was filled with all kinds of people, some tourists and some just regulars. People you would expect to
:iconcaptain-wormy:Captain-Wormy 126 5
Random Things 4: Talent Show
So during lunch at school I auditoned for the talent show.......
Yup, and i sang.....
I dont really know how i did...i think i did pretty well. now the dying wait happens...
To be honest, i hope i dont get in because the last time i was in a talent show, i embarassed myself in front of the whole school.....
yeah...but then again i get to redeem myself.....right?
oh well, wish me luck
:iconawesomeanime966:awesomeanime966 2 4
The Lonely Whale's Cry for Love

The Lonely Whale’s Cry for Love
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic
:iconharousel: harousel
52 Hertz Whale:
Is Anyone Out There?
Each year he makes his migration south from the Aleutian Islands to a breeding area in the Pacific Ocean parallel to Central California, looking for a mate. Unlike other blue and fin whales, his more than 6000 miles a year round-trip swim is a solitary one. He does not travel along with the blues or the fins, because he is neither. He is most probably either a hybrid blue
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 3,014 1,229
Attack on Titan - Titan Annie by Sasurealian Attack on Titan - Titan Annie :iconsasurealian:Sasurealian 1,867 177 Steve n Bucky by Brilcrist Steve n Bucky :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,244 57


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Clarise M
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An 18 year old weirdo who smells like a weirdo.
I like anime n shit.

Sassy Queen B: :iconbinxi-wonderland:


  • Listening to: Classical, rock, metal...
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Durarara,Deadman Wonderland, Psycho-Pass, etc...
  • Playing: My Naruto Games or Skyrim
  • Eating: Your Soul
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I shall be posting some of my many traditional sketches soon! I also updated EVERYTHING...because it was really outdated...


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